• 20years

    Focus on diapers

  • 20Billion

    Annual production capacity

  • 20

    Imported production line

  • 80million

    Service user

Founded in 1998, the company is a professional disposable baby, adult and health care products company integrating R&D, production, sales and service.Based on the enterprise development concept of "win-win cooperation and serving the public", after more than ten years of accumulation and precipitation, it has formed a production volume of over 1.5 billion. Its brand of "a piece of cool, piece of cool" has long been well-known and well-known at home and abroad. .

In order to adapt to the market development, the company brings together the elites of the industry, oriented by consumers and the market, adopting more than 10 internationally advanced fully automatic servo top production equipments, and fully controlling the management process. At the same time, the company selects the top 500 enterprises as raw material suppliers to improve Brand, product competitiveness, strong alliance, strong create a core health brand to adapt to market development, the brand concept and brand style perfectly match, the company has established a layout of production and sales network system with a unique business strategy, and established a scale of adaptation business. Development of a comprehensive platform for research and development, production and sales.

The company has a high-quality marketing team, advanced marketing thinking and forward-looking brand strategy, market coverage continues to expand, market share continues to grow, sales volume has increased year after year, Changxing Paper's brand has been recognized by consumers, the market, The trust of Taiwanese businessmen is moving towards the future with a bold attitude.

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